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APS Academy Matriculation Higher Secondary School

We believe each child is special and our goal is to bring out the best in every child. At APS Academy, we create an environment where a committed management, a team of trained, passionate and dedicated teachers along with the support of the parents are able to focus on the child's all-round development. We accomplish this through Matriculation standards-based, challenging and accommodative curriculum, including sports and extra-curricular activities.

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"Building the nation" is the motto of our school giving the confidence to the children that they are the world. We make the children build the nation with the values taught by the Great."

The school's academic programme, co-curricular activities and sports activities are each planned and directed at delivering such a wholesome learning experience which enables us at APS Academy to bring out the best in every child. In every aspect of this all-round development we recognize that each student has innate qualities and abilities. Our goal is to identify this immense potential in each child and bring together state-of-the-art infrastructure, current technologies and innovative teaching methodologies so that we can hone and nurture these abilities to develop our students into confident individuals poised to take on the challenges of the future.

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